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Gin and Tonic

Get a rocks glass, fill it with ice. Add 1.5 oz of desired gin and fill the rest with tonic. Add a lime, though occasionally an orange tastes good too.

When I returned home from my last year at college I was putzing around the house. I was wandering in and out of my father’s office. He offered me a piece of advice, run one mile every day. Everyone has time for a one mile run every morning. It should really only take one about seven to fifteen minutes to do and everyone has seven to fifteen minutes to spare. I agreed with my father and the next morning woke up and went for a mile run.

During the winter I had seen changes in my body, I couldn’t walk up stairs without being winded, I was eating horribly and I just generally felt like I was turning into a sloth.  I set the same goal I have set for the last four summers, I wanted to get into shape. For once I had only morning shifts at the bar and would be off at five. I knew I had time every single day to workout and run. My goal should be easily met. Fate had me in her good graces this summer.

There was one car for my brother and I to get to our respective jobs, which we worked the same days at overlapping hours. It was not practical for us to drive the car all over the lake just to get to and from work so I said I could bike to work. I had spent the last few summers cursing at the bikers that held up traffic and admired them for the way they conquered the hills in our area.

My first ride I did for time, just to see how long it would take to get to work. 5.7 miles and 42:41 minutes later I pulled up to work where I chugged water, ate lunch and called my little brother to pick me up. It was another week before I was able to ride my bike to work again due to weather and my lack of a helmet. Slowly but surely I have been able to improve how much I ride and how fast I go.

I always thought people who rode their bikes instead of sitting in an air conditioned car were insane but now I understand them a little bit more. There is an amazing feeling that comes over you when you finally make it all the way up the hill. When you make it to your destination and people look at you like you are made. Who bikes 6 miles to work and 6 miles home? I started this summer wanting to get into shape and I still have a long way to go to be where I want to be but biking is an amazing way to do it. I look forward to my next bike ride.


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