Rest Easy

I entered The Academy on that first day of freshmen year looking like a deer in headlights. Everyone already had friends, everyone already had their set of people and I quickly accepted that I would float through the next four years in relative silence and alone. I’m sure I wore something special to make a… Continue reading Rest Easy

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Gin and Tonic

Get a rocks glass, fill it with ice. Add 1.5 oz of desired gin and fill the rest with tonic. Add a lime, though occasionally an orange tastes good too. When I returned home from my last year at college I was putzing around the house. I was wandering in and out of my father’s… Continue reading Gin and Tonic

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Brandy Old Fashioned

Recipe: Take a cube of sugar, a slice of orange, and a cherry along with plenty of cherry juice and muddle it all together. Once muddled together, add ice and your choice of either whiskey or brandy. I prefer brandy, however to each their own. For a sweet, add sprite. Sour, add bar sour and… Continue reading Brandy Old Fashioned